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About us

Kente Collection is birthed from the roots of Bonwire, Kumasi, Ghana. A value that is rooted in the vibrant colours of each silk weft worn by the Kings and Queens of the Motherland. 
Our brand is centred around individuals who love to lounge in style. We offer elements of exclusivity. Our robes are timeless, grounded in the here and now, bringing luxury African fashion to the forefront.
Kente is more than just your average fabric. The colours and patterns used in our pieces carry a significant meaning. There are over 300 identified pattern symbols, representing moral values, philosophical ideas, historical events, proverbs, individual achievements, and so on.
Thread colours are chosen by our weavers to enhance our designs and to convey meaning; the list below describes what various colours represent.
Yellow & Gold – royalty, prosperity, wealth (from egg yolk and mineral gold)
Maroon – Mother Earth, healing (from the colour of earth)
Purple – similar to maroon and pink (associated with healing)
Blue – peace, harmony, love (associated with the sky)
Green – growth, vitality, crops, spiritual renewal (associated with plants and herbs)
Silver – peace, purity, joy